The River Esk 02/05/2010
The River Esk which runs through Musselburgh.



Jean in VA.

02/06/2010 10:41:43 pm

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I always enjoy seeing other ways of life.
I follow you on Twitter under purrxlots.
Your silk painting is beautiful.
I have lots of furry family and one little doggy who are all loved very much.


Kolo and Leroy

20/12/2010 10:09:18 pm

Where you live is beautiful we must make our way to Scotland it looks a lovely place.


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    Pasika means Peace.

    This is where I find it.

    I love colour.
    Nature is magnificent.
    Glorious birds plumage, flowers,

    Aaaaah, the colours.
    I like to imagine, not copy.

    Silk painting is an adventure. Break the rules and see what happens.

    The outcome is never the same.
    I still have so much to try.